Meet Alex

Speaker, Founder of Soaring Falcon Accountancy

ACCA International Assembly Member and Most Outstanding Professional 2018, Xero's Most Valued Professional (MVP) 2017, Multi award winner, All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Advisor for Tech in 2018.

Being at the front end of change is exciting, exhilarating and creates enormous potential to bring together the essential ingredients for success.

With a background as an accountant working with some of the most agile and progressive small businesses in the UK, what has been amazing to see is how technology and entrepreneurship have accelerated what is possible. Not just for my clients, but also for my profession.

Supporting businesses and accountancy firms globally to make this change is my passion.

Recognised technology leader

Recognised by global accounting technology pioneer Xero, as their Most Valued Professional in 2017, is the culmination of being at the closest point of new technology adoption, a desire to bring a new way of working to every business, and a passionate belief in the potential of change.

Influencing policy makers

As Advisor to the UK government’s All Party Parliamentary Group, sitting on the technology board, my role is to inject the voice and experience of entrepreneurs to steer strategy and remove barriers to international trade and investment at this critical time.

Promoting the profession

Working with clients from all over the world would be harder without the support of my fellow members of the ACCA, and I am proud to be both a recognised Advocate and also represent the UK within the ACCA International Assembly.

Promoting standards, exploring new ways of working better and more collaboratively, and enabling effective international trade growth through confidence and strong alliances has allowed thousands of businesses to realise their potential.

Nurturing #Accountech

Forming close relationships with key software providers allows proactive developing of products together, listening and responding to client challenges and how accountants use systems to benefit business effectiveness.

An entrepreneur's journey

My life through business has not always been easy, and I recognise the hard work, determination, development of skills, and the support of others that is required to deliver your life goals. This what I put into the hands of enterprising businesses and accountancy firms that want to succeed.